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The Association

The World Innovation Day Association
The World Innovation Day Association is a not-for-profit association, which aims to catalyze, nurture, promote and re-ward innovations at large that have a global, cultural, scientific, technological and/or social impact, including but not limited to, in public health, medical and healthcare science. In order to achieve its goal, the Association organizes global business innovation competitions that bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and industry, amongst other activities.

The World Innovation Day is constituted an association in accordance with the articles 60 and seq. of the Swiss Civil Code (the “CC“). It is established for an indefinite duration. The registered office of the Association is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

01 May

Submit your Poster

Why Submit?
The poster contest demonstrates WID’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and the growth of technology-based businesses, and is designed to generate investment interest for participating entrepreneurs.

Submit your poster now to share your success story, knowledge, and motivate WID-I4H attendees with your proposed innovations in healthcare and medical science aimed at improving public health.  We recommend that you do not disclose any information that could compromise your intellectual property rights.  The best contributions, chosen by the selection committee, will be entitled to show and present their poster at WID-I4H (programme).

Who Can Submit?
The list of WID-I4H 2014 competitors is closed. However, medical staff, research groups, start-ups and large corporations alike with innovations, products and solutions may submit a poster and vie for the opportunity to present their project to our global audience. The best contributions, aligned with the spirit of WID-I4H, will be invited to pitch their poster on stage. Ten finalists will be chosen to present a 90-second pitch and the top three will be named winners.

How to Submit ?
Submit your poster to this address: submit@world-innovation-day.com. The required size is A0, portrait, and file format is pdf.

How do I Pitch my Idea?
Finalists will have 90 seconds to pitch their idea! It is therefore very important to consider exactly what you will present beforehand. Focus on the core of the idea and the value proposition.

We recommend addressing the following:

  • Introduce yourself in a few words.
  • What is the name of your product or service?
  • What is the technology, product or service supposed to do?
  • Why should someone use or buy it?
  • Who is your customer and your market?

WID-I4H Poster Prize

Selection Process
The poster contest consists of two selection rounds. In the first round, an international jury evaluates applications anonymously to select ten finalists (by August 7, 2014) who will pitch on stage during the first day of the WID-I4H Competition (August 28, 2014). In the second and final round, each team will be given 90 seconds to pitch their poster to a panel of expert judges who will appraise the project. A two-minute open discussion between the jury and the entrepreneur follows each presentation. Once all the pitches are complete, the judges will select the winner of the WID-I4H Poster Prize in a brief deliberation.

Applicants not shortlisted to pitch their posters may be selected to display their poster at the venue during the competition. They will be able to share their ideas regarding relevant research, products or methods in the fields of medical and healthcare science with WID-I4H attendees (August 28-29, 2014).

Travel Allowance
Please note that WID-I4H does not sponsor, pay or reimburse any travel expenses.

Timeline and Format
The deadline to submit a poster for consideration is July 31, 2014.    All poster submissions will be reviewed by August 7, 2014 and may need to be revised in order to be accepted for pitch and/or display during the competition.  Applicants chosen (see deadlines below) to pitch and/or display their posters must register for the competition by August 15, 2014, otherwise they will be removed from the final program.  All members of a poster team who will attend must register. Please register here:  bit.ly/joinwid

Important Deadlines

  • July 31, 2014: Poster submission deadline
  • August 7, 2014: Poster selection notification
  • August 14, 2014: Reviewers provide feedback to authors
  • August 15, 2014: Deadline for applicants chosen to pitch and/or display to register to attend
  • August 28-29, 2014: Final pitch and presentation at WID-I4H
30 Apr



Prof. John Conly, MD, University of Calgary, W21C Founder
John Conly, MD, is a physician trained in infectious disease, and is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Recently the Head for the Department of Medicine at U of C, Dr Conly was the catalyst for the creation of W21C. His vision was to create a centre that enables health system innovation through a state-of-the-art clinical and research space. Since its inception almost 10 years ago, W21C has engaged interdisciplinary researchers to collaborate on exciting approaches to improve patient safety and quality of care. His focus on innovation and multidisciplinary networking has contributed significantly to W21C success to date. Dr Conly was the founding Co-Chair of the Canadian Hospital Epidemiology Committee, past President of the Canadian Infectious Disease Society, past Chairman of the Board for the Canadian Committee on Antibiotic Resistance and a previous Vice Chair for the Canadian Expert Drug Advisory Committee. He is currently a Board member for the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases and the Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology. He has received numerous career honours including the Joe Doupe Young Investigator Award from the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation, an Award of Excellence from the Riverdale Hospital, and the Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Infectious Diseases Society. With over 120 peer-reviewed publications in his career, and over $10 000 000 in funding secured in the last 5 years alone, Dr. Conly has achieved substantial results in furthering his research agenda focused on innovative infection control.

Hong Kong

Prof, Alex Molassiotis, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Professor Molassiotis is currently the Chair Professor of Nursing, Endowed Professor in Health & Longevity and Head of School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Oncology Nursing. He has been a Bloomberg International Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto and a Visiting Professor at the Australian Catholic University (Sydney), and the National University of Singapore. He is currently Visiting Professor at a Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa and Jiagnan University, Wuxi, China. His research focus is on complex symptoms and the development of interventions to manage chemotherapy-related symptoms, currently focusing on cancer-related fatigue, chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting, peripheral neuropathy and cough/breathlessness in lung cancer.

South Africa

Mr. McLean Sibanda, CEO, The Innovation Hub
McLean Sibanda holds Masters degrees in Engineering and Commercial Law from the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) and the University of South Africa (UNISA), respectively, and is a Doctoral candidate at UNISA. He is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, and is also a registered South African patent attorney. He has wide experience in innovation, intellectual property and innovation management, policy development, technology transfer as well as supporting entrepreneurs and start-up companies in the ICT, green economy and Bioeconomy sectors. He presently serves as the President of the African Division of International Association of Science Parks (IASP), as well as on the Boards of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR, South Africa), Technifin, Ideanav, the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) and National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO). He has held senior and executive roles in private and public sectors, which included being a Principal Research Fellow and Head of Intellectual Property team at De Beers Industrial Diamonds, Acting Executive Director and Senior Patent Attorney at the Innovation Fund and Group Executive for Commercialisation at the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). He has served as an Expert to the African Union (AU), the Department of Science and Technology on drafting of Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research & Development Act as well as review of Tanzania National System of Innovation, and continues to serve as an expert resource and patent searching course tutor for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). McLean has authored and co-authored a number of scientific and intellectual property articles, including a study on the State of Patenting in South Africa, published by The Innovation Fund in 2007, as well as other studies commissioned by WIPO. @mcleansibanda

Dr. Boitumelo Semete-Makokotlela, GM: Research, Development and Innovation, The Innovation Hub
Dr Semete is the GM for R&D and Innovation at The Innovation Hub. She is responsible for setting the innovation strategy for The Innovation Hub across sectors and establishing sector specific cluster strategies. She supports biotechnology SME’s through the hub’s incubation model and fostering collaborations among biotechnology SME’s, academia and the industry. Dr Semete has a Ph.D. (Biochemistry). She also holds a certificate in Management Advancement from Wits Business School. She completed her postdoctoral research training on Nano drug delivery systems at the University of Nottingham and EPFL, Switzerland. She was with McKinsey & Company for 2 years as a McKinsey Leadership Fellow. Prior to that, between November 2006 and June 2011, she was at the CSIR’s Polymers and Composites Division as a Senior Researcher. Her research team focused on developing Nanotechnology drug delivery systems for TB, HIV and Malaria. She has published as a first author and co-author in original papers, review articles and book chapters. Boitumelo has also served as a guest lecturer in Nanotechnology at the University of Pretoria (June 2008 – June 2011), as well as a part-time lecturer in Immunology at the University of Pretoria (February 2007 – June 2007).


Prof. Didier Pittet

Didier Pittet, MD, MS, WID Co-founder
Dr. Didier Pittet is Professor of Medicine, Hospital Epidemiologist and Director of the Infection Control Programme and World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety at the University of Geneva Hospitals (HUG) and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland. He holds Honorary Professorships at Imperial College London, UK, Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Health and Social Sciences and at the Medical Center of Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Professor Pittet is Lead Advisor of the first WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge, “Clean Care is Safe Care”, and the African Partnerships for Patient Safety at WHO Headquarters. He is the recipient of several national and international honors, including a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) awarded by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II for services to the prevention of healthcare-associated infection in the UK (2007), the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America Lectureship for his contribution to infection control and healthcare epidemiology (2008), and the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases’ Award for Excellence (2009). Professor Pittet is co-author of more than 500 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 50 textbook chapters. He serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals, including The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the American Journal of Infection Control, Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, and Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. He is also an editorial consultant at The Lancet. His current research interests include the epidemiology and prevention of healthcare-associated infections, methods for improving compliance with barrier precautions and hand hygiene practices, as well as innovative methods for improving the quality of patient care and patient safety. He is also involved in research on the epidemiology of infectious diseases, and public and global health issues. The experience of his team in engaging nations and healthcare facilities worldwide in a universal commitment to patient safety is unique. A leader in his field, Dr. Pittet launched the first Innovation Day at HUG in 2007 and is co-founder of WID. A novel about his pioneering work around hand hygiene is set for release in 2014. @DidierPittet

Dr. François Gilardoni

François Gilardoni, PhD, WID Co-founder
François Gilardoni is a venture capitalist, innovation expert and award-winning scientist educated in Switzerland and the USA with nearly two decades of international experience (EMEA, USA and Japan) in the high-tech and financial industries. He sits on the board of directors of several invested companies and advises IT, ICT, healthcare and cleantech companies. Building on the success of the first Innovation Day (ID) held in Geneva in 2007, in 2012 he partnered with Prof. Didier Pittet, ID founder and world renowned specialist in patient safety, to foster a global culture of innovation in Medical and Healthcare Science by promoting IDs around the world. In 2013, they launched the World Innovation Day (WID) global initiative. Francois has further launched the World Innovation Academy (WIA), an affiliate fund to guide entrepreneurs in bringing disruptive enabling technologies to a global market. These technologies are issued from and are deployed within WIA’s global collaborative development network. He is founder of Global Advisory Services (GlobAS), a boutique firm providing non-discretionary investment advisory services to clients seeking to expand their private equity portfolio in the high-tech industry and to ventures raising capital (debt or equity). Francois holds a PhD (cum laude) in Computational Chemistry, as well as advanced degrees in Environmental Science and Computing. He was awarded the prestigious Swiss Prix LATSIS for his achievements in computational chemistry and has authored numerous publications in highly ranked international journals. @GilardoniF

28 Apr


WID-I4H 2014 Competitors (in alphabetical order):


Imagine children waiting calmly in a clinic to see a doctor. A humanoid robot is engaging them in play, monitoring their vital signs, and educating them about health. Also envision children learning how to control their breathing and turn their attention away from a needle. In fact, we have empirical evidence that MEDi™ relieves children’s pain and anxiety during medical procedures (Beran et al., 2013). Children can now leave the clinic with a sense of mastery – even remembering their visit as enjoyable. Affectionately named MEDi™, it can be adapted for use in most clinics for a variety of medical procedures. We have developed apps, called MEDiKits, consisting of interactive robotic behaviors that MEDi™ performs to coach children through painful medical procedures, educate children about health, and entertain families while waiting for appointments. The application of humanoid robots in pediatric health is a cutting edge, interdisciplinary approach that will revolutionize healthcare.
  At Orpyx®, it is our mission to innovate the most accessible and beneficial sensor-based technologies and sensory substitution systems to enable and empower consumers to actively monitor pressure to avoid unnecessary interventions and improve overall quality of life. Orpyx® looks to the next five years with the objective of becoming the world leader in innovating and developing wearable sensor-based technologies and sensory substitution systems that provide consumers with quality solutions to better cope with disease and improve overall quality of life. Watch video@orpyxinc
  SnapDx adapts best-practice guidelines for practical application at the point-of-care in order to improve guideline uptake and quality of care. SnapDx consists of a group of Calgary researchers, clinicians, designers, and engineers working to make guidelines more easily accessible to practitioners and patients through interactive visual apps. For more information, visit www.snapdx.co@snap_dx

Hong Kong


38% of the world has some degree of hearing loss. ACEHearing addresses the root causes with a simple and elegant approach – by turning everyday consumer electronics into devices that can accurately evaluate each person’s hearing ability, and then calibrate for the best fit audio accordingly. ACE Communications aims to make a sound difference to the individual hearing experience of people everywhere and become the global gold standard technology for adoption of individualized sound output. ACEHearing is in an advanced development stage, working with consumer electronics manufacturers to integrate our invention with their future products. ACEHearing can be understood in two major parts: hearing assessment and audio correction. For hearing assessment, the goal is to design a hearing test that is easy enough for self administration yet as accurate and reliable as a professional one. The average person would be able to complete the test unassisted within a minute. The Wall Street Journal and Credit Suisse chose ACEHearing as a winner in the prestigious Asian Innovation Awards. ACEHearing was also a Top Finalist in the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge. @ACEHEARING


Dr. Li and his team have developed a biodegradable drug-loaded weft-knitted stent for the treatment of colorectal cancer that is based on a non-invasive treatment without open surgery for the patients. Biomedical textiles have demonstrated their competitiveness and great potential in the field of biomedical and healthcare including implantable devices, body-worn medical devices and wearable electronics. Textile Bioengineering Research Center (TBRC), in the Institute of Textiles and Clothing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a unique multi-disciplinary educational and research organization specialized in engineering textile devices using integrative approaches to meet the biomedical and healthcare needs, so as to promote industry-university cooperation and accelerate technology transfer. Dr. Yi Li is a full professor and director of TBRC. Prof. Li’s team has over 500 scientific publications and more than 70 patents and 50 awards. Prof. Li also serves as research committee member of AATCC and ASTM.

  The award winning Instant Vision Assessment Device (IVAD) is a subjective refraction system. It quickly, accurately and reliably measures refractive errors and anyone can use it with just a short period of training. The World Health Organization’s Vision 2020 initiative inspired Professor George Woo and his team at the School of Optometry to eliminate avoidable blindness by the year 2020. Uncorrected refractive errors, according to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) has been a major cause of avoidable blindness. Knowing that many people in developing countries suffer needlessly from impaired vision because of poor access to professional optometrists or ophthalmologists, the team came up with a low-cost, portable solution that is easy to use by trained health or outreach workers.
  The project team VRmOT (Virtual Reality meets Occupation Therapy) is a perfect match for synergizing experts from occupational therapy and virtual reality. Dr. Thomas Choi, Director of the Centre for Smart Health, School of Nursing, PolyU, has over 15 years of R&D experience in virtual reality for medicine and healthcare. Mr. Danny Lo, with 30 years of solid and practical experience in occupational therapy, is the Head of the Department of Occupational Therapy, HK Red Cross Princess Alexandra School, the largest school for physically handicapped children in HK. VRmOT endeavours to create innovations to directly benefit the needy. Since meeting 8 years ago, the team has sparked many novel ideas to meet the special needs of children with physical disabilities by enhancing occupational therapy by applying virtual reality, interactive computer graphics and haptics. The project to be presented at the WID-I4H competition particularly focuses on the development of an innovative virtual reality training system to assist children with hand impairment to adapt to their disability and live their lives independently.

South Africa

  There is an acute shortage of human capital in many healthcare systems with the highest disease burdens in the world. This is particularly evident in Africa. In Africa, around 40% of all medical equipment lies unused due to the shortage of trained equipment operators and technicians. Looksee.do is a proudly African company which seeks to ease this crisis by enabling highly trained and scarce resources to reach further and travel less. In particular, we overcome challenges such as poor telecommunications infrastructure to provide remote maintenance and training solutions to some of the most inaccessible places on earth.  In addition to improving the up time of life saving medical equipment, our solutions empower the users of this equipment, create jobs and training opportunities for the local communities, lower the cost of ownership of high tech equipment, and decrease the skills shortage burden on the Healthcare systems. Watch video@looksee_do
VeinAIDTM is a hand-held portable device designed to locate a healthy vein and determine its midpoint co-ordinates.  This information is used to precisely insert the needle in to the vein thereby significantly improving first time accurate insertion. Watch video@MedAssisTech


  KiOP: manipulating images with hand gestures in sterile environments. An increasing number of image-guided procedures require images to be displayed and manipulated in operating rooms (OR). To do so, surgeons need pointing devices that can be used in a sterile environment. We therefore elected to develop a system (KiOP) based on the Kinect system from Microsoft that allows for remote image manipulation with hand waving gestures. A dedicated software allows for image manipulation of very limited hand motion gestures, avoiding large gestures that could compromise sterility. A first prototype was developed on Windows operating system and a second version as a “Plugin” for our OsiriX Open-Source imaging platform. The KiOP system was implemented in ORs equipped with wall-mounted display monitors allowing surgeons to remotely select and manipulate images by simple gestures performed in a very limited space. A prospective study is underway to evaluate the impact and benefit of this innovative system over conventional imaging workstations. Video clips illustrating the use of the KiOP system in operating rooms are available at the following addresses: video clip 1 and video clip 2. To download the KiOP plugin for OsiriX, click here.
  Despite decades of efforts to promote cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) science and education, management of airways during CPR of cardiac arrests remains unclear, thus contributing to poor survival rates. The place for ventilation in the history of CPR has never been fully understood. Ventilation is required to maintain gaz exchanges during CPR. We specifically designed a CPR Test Lung (POUTAC) to describe what happens in terms of cardiac and lungs interactions during CPR. Applications concern research on this field and education since CPR training programs and workshops with dedicated mannequins is today recognized world wide as a high top priority to improve CPR. Our original CPT test lung is now available as a miniaturized prototype that could be integrated into mannequins. This is a promising new step. Indeed, the currently available mannequins do not permit to simulate ventilation during CPR, while it is definitively a key point that should be urgently considered.
  Incorporated in 2010, Stemergie is a spin-off company from the Geneva University Hospital (HUG) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE). Stemergie develops treatments and diagnostics for cancers by targeting cancer-initiating cells (CIC), the roots of cancer. Stemergie has identified and validated molecules that specifically eradicate brain CICs while having a low effect on cancer cells or normal brain cells. Stemergie’s effective treatments targeting the roots of cancer in combination with the current standard treatments have a high potential to increase the survival rate of the brain tumor patient. Stemergie’s CIC based technology allows the identification, validation and development of treatments against brain CICs. With its proprietary methodology, Stemergie is able to identify, isolate and enrich CICs independently of any marker. Stemergie will apply this technology to other types of CICs to treat and diagnose colon cancers and other oncological diseases.


21 Apr

Sponsorship Levels

WID-I4H is at the vanguard of patient care, healthcare and medical science. No matter your station, location, industry or profession, we all have a stake in safeguarding and improving public healthcare and promoting the development of cutting edge medical technologiesWID-I4H is an international competition platform that compliments and reinforces several key global sustainability initiatives in order to improve access to affordable healthcare and improve patient care. These include:

Empowering Women: 

  • Most of the staff at patient care facilities and hospitals are women. They are on the front lines of patient care, so they see and often solve problems through innovations.
  • Building self-esteem: WID-I4H recognizes that hospital staff, at any level, who live at the front lines of patient care, are in a unique position to identify and pioneer improvements in the system.
  • WID-I4H encourages them to present their innovations that have a strong impact on patient care and healthcare.
  • Because these innovations are driven by necessity, we know they solve real problems. Therein lies the beauty.

Well Being:

  • WID-I4H is a platform for ideas and innovations that run North to South as well as South to North!
  • Even in developed countries, there is a significant portion of the population (the 4th world or poor people in developed countries) that cannot access affordable/quality healthcare. We bring “frugal” or “lean” innovations from global entrepreneurs, including in emerging/developed countries that may impact how hospitals and patient care facilities in more advanced nations approach health innovation.

Innovation 4 Health translates to improvements in labor, production, family security and education. Healthy parents perform better at work and can better fend/provide for their families. Healthy children can focus and thrive at school. Educated children become innovators and help to build wealth and preserve/grow the resources in their communities.

Bottom Line: Brand values reinforce product values; people buy into and respect what matches their personal values. WID-I4H’s focus on promoting innovations that improve patient care and that provide quality/affordable access to healthcare are values in which all individuals, corporate entities, NGOs and governments have a stake!

All our sponsors benefit from:

  • First look at investment opportunities in new ventures based on local observations transformed into globally marketable solutions to improve patient care;
  • Brand enhancement through and exposure to a global audience;
  • Access to professional know-how from local and international healthcare providers and other innovators in medical and science technology;
  • The opportunity to bolster an initiative with a cultural, scientific, technological and social impact on public health and patient care;
  • Logo placement on WID-I4H website, promotional and competition banners*;
  • At the corporate level or above, the right to host a stand at the competition;
  • Individual Friends of WID will be listed on our website and mentioned in our social media campaign**

Sponsorship levels (in Swiss Francs):

    • Individual Friends of WID: 1k+
    • Corporate Friends of WID: 3k+
    • Bronze: 10k+
      • Priority seating at WID-I4H
    • Silver: 30k+
      • Priority seating at WID-I4H
      • Logo placement during live streaming*
      • 15 minute slot  to present your company products and/ or projects to a select audience
    • Gold: 60k+
      • Priority seating at WID-I4H
      • Periodic Ad placement during live streaming*
      • 30 minutes to present your company products/projects to a select audience
      • 1 place on the competition jury
    • Premium: 100k+
      • All the benefits of Gold Sponsorship
      • More frequent ad placement during live streaming
      • Opportunity to address the audience at the competition

*Requires collaboration and guidance from Sponsor’s marketing team  **Subject  to approval of individual sponsor

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact WID’s promotional and development partner, media duMonde, at: sponsorWID@dumonde.co
21 Apr


WID-I4H is at the vanguard of patient care, healthcare and medical science. No matter your station, location, industry or profession, we all have a stake in safeguarding and improving public healthcare and promoting the development of cutting edge medical technologies.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact WID’s promotional and development partner, MediaduMonde:   sponsorWID@dumonde.co

WID-I4H Sponsors (in alphabetical order):

Individual Friends of WID
Located in Calgary, Canada, the Institute for Public Health at the University of Calgary is a virtual hub that integrates research groups, academics, health professionals, community leaders and policy makers across the continuum of care to catalyze excellence in population health and health services research. Together, we strive to produce knowledge and evidence to inform the public health agencies and health systems tasked with keeping us (and making us) healthy. Together, the shared vision of our dedicated members is “Better health and health care.” @IPHucalgary
The SwissLife Group is one of Europe’s leading comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions providers. Its business is based on a clear strategy, strong corporate values and a powerful brand. Swiss Life attaches great importance to innovation and makes targeted investments to promptly identify new trends and thus offer customers attractive, modern and personalised services.
The W21C is a not-for-profit research and innovation initiative based in the University of Calgary and the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services. W21C serves as a research and beta test-site for prototypical hospital design, novel approaches to health care delivery, human factors research, and innovative medical technologies. @W21C
Corporate Friends of WID
Eclosion’s mission is to translate strong regional potential for life sciences innovation into economic value and jobs, and helping researchers and universities to transform science into patient treatments. We provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get from the laboratory door to a startup with reasonable prospects of attracting risk capital. Our services include: (i) the preclinical, clinical, manufacturing, business and financial support required to assess the discovery’s scientific and business potential, (ii) the production resources, infrastructure and high-level expertise required to validate it experimentally, and (iii) access to finance for the creation and development of a new company.
The Fondation Pasteur Suisse was created in 2010 to support scientific collaborations between the Institut Pasteur and other Swiss organizations pursuing similar goals, and to raise funds for the Institut Pasteur. The Institut Pasteur has three core missions: research, public health and teaching. Founded in 1888, the institute has remained true to the humanist ideals of Louis Pasteur, who recognized the importance of furthering scientific knowledge as a means to overcome disease and of translating scientific discoveries into immediate practical applications to help people in need, wherever they may be in the world. The birthplace of microbiology, the Institut Pasteur has also laid the foundations of many new disciplines such as immunology, molecular biology and the neurosciences. Close to 2,600 people work in 130 research laboratories on its main campus in Paris, which is at the heart of an international network of 32 research institutes in 25 countries on 5 continents. @aiderpasteur
HUG Geneva University Hospital The Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) were established in 1995 and has become the first university hospitals in Switzerland. It is a conglomerate of nine hospitals with more than 11’000 staff members. First-class research programs, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva, ensure their patients privileged access to the latest in technological developments and medical progress. @Hopitaux_unige
The University of Calgary is a leading Canadian university located in the nation’s most enterprising city. The university has a clear strategic direction to become one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2016, where research and innovative teaching go hand in hand, and where we fully engage the communities we both serve and lead. This strategy is called “Eyes High”, inspired by the university’s Gaelic motto, which translates, as ‘I will lift up my eyes’. As part of the roadmap to achieve these goals, the university’s Strategic Research Plan identifies six research themes that will leverage our distinct capabilities while addressing the unmet needs and challenges of our society as a whole: Brain and mental health; Human dynamics in a changing world: smart and secure cities, societies, and cultures; New earth-space technologies; Engineering solutions for health: biomedical engineeringInfections, inflammation and chronic diseases in the changing environment; and Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow. All strategic research themes are characterized by several important features: 1) we are leaders in the area, as demonstrated by a local critical mass of expertise, and we have attained national or international prominence, 2) we are an essential hub in provincial, national, or global research networks for the area, and 3) we have built strong industrial or community (philanthropic) partnerships in the area. In addition to the six strategic research themes, the university has identified seven research platforms: Synthesis and Visualization; Analytics and Simulation; Research Stations; Research Enablers; Commercialization; Knowledge Translation; and Policy Creation. Through these platforms, the university organizes scholarly activities that are truly cross-cutting and are catalysts in the creation or application of new knowledge. @UCalgary; @UCalgaryMed
Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) is dedicated to thinking, teaching, dialogue and research. With 16’000 students of more than 140 different nationalities, it is Switzerland’s second largest university. UNIGE offers more than 280 types of degrees and more than 250 Continuing Education programmes covering an extremely wide variety of fields: exact sciences, medicine and humanities. Its domains of excellence in research include life sciences (molecular biology, bio-informatics), physics of elementary particles, and astrophysics. UNIGE is also host and co-host to six National Centres of Competence in Research: Frontiers in Genetics, Materials with Novel Electronic Properties (MaNEP), Chemical Biology, Affective Sciences, Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases and LIVES-Overcoming vulnerabilities in a life course perspective. @UNIGEnews
Fondée en 1876, la Faculté de médecine est l’une des huit facultés de l’Université de Genève (UNIGE). La Faculté de médecine est leader en neurosciences, en génétique, et en transplantation, pour ne citer que ces domaines. Elle s’engage aussi dans le domaine de la santé globale. Sa recherche fondamentale, de niveau international, ainsi que son étroite association avec le plus grand complexe hospitalier de Suisse, les Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG), lui confèrent tous les atouts pour développer un axe majeur de recherche translationnelle, en liaison avec les autres acteurs de l’arc lémanique. Deuxième faculté de l’UNIGE en termes de budget et de nombre de collaborateurs après la Faculté des sciences, la Faculté de médecine figure parmi les facultés les mieux classées, tant sur le plan de l’enseignement que de la recherche médicale.
Gold Sponsor
 Media duMonde (duM) is a critical thinking and enabling platform bridging politics, investment, business, arts, culture, law and policy issues. Our forte is understanding the nuts and bolts of a business, as well as the socio-economic, developmental, cultural, brand and legal implications of investing and deploying in specific markets. We guide decision makers and stakeholders with differing perspectives (technical, business, legal, policy, public/private sectors). Media duM is a division of duMonde, LLC, a strategic advisory and and negotiation firm providing tactical services to leaders across a broad spectrum of industries. @MediaduM


21 Apr

Promotional Partners

WID-I4H is at the vanguard of patient care, healthcare and medical science. Like our sponsors, our dedicated promotional partners recognize that no matter your station, location, industry or profession, we all have a stake in safeguarding and improving patient care, public health and promoting the development of cutting edge medical technologies.

WID-I4H promotional partners buttress our online and inter-personal marketing efforts by providing key access to their clients, constituents and stakeholders, in both the public and private sectors, across a broad spectrum of industries.

WID-I4H Promotional Partners (in alphabetical order):

ASAMCO is a non-profit Swiss-Korean Association created in 1983 to promote contact between persons with a common link, interest or history with South Korea. Today, through ASAMCO’s eight platforms, it promotes everything Korean from cooking to language courses, traditional costumes to travel and themed evenings to music. The Association also has close links to the Swiss-Korean Chamber of Commerce as well as the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce and other partners. The President, Mrs. Céline Chevalier, is the founder and CEO of Amythis, which provides global business facilitation services to entrepreneurs, growth oriented companies, development partners and investors.
CTI Invest is the Leading Financing Platform for Swiss High-Tech Start-up’s; presenting EARLY but also LATER stage Start-up’s; the leading force in the professionalization of the Business Angels and Venture Capitalist scene in Switzerland; inviting Industrial Partners to participate; the leading organizer of value-added events for Swiss high-tech start-up companies.
MediaduMonde is a critical thinking and enabling platform bridging politics, investment, business, arts, culture, law and policy issues. Our forte is understanding the nuts and bolts of a business, as well as the socio-economic, developmental, cultural, brand and legal implications of investing and deploying in specific markets. We guide decision makers and stakeholders with differing perspectives (technical, business, legal, policy, public/private sectors). MediaduM is a division of duMonde, LLC, a strategic advisory and and negotiation firm providing tactical services to leaders across a broad spectrum of industries. @MediaduM
e 2.0 is Claude Super’s blog launched in 2010, and is one of the most read, independent, online publications in Switzerland. Innovation, social technology, social platforms and management issues are the main topics covered by more than 450 posts, videos, testimonials and infographics. The blog is the place to share useful, timely and relevant feedback from companies through interviews of project managers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Collaboration is key and the blog provides valuable content, comments and discussions with all people concerned with the future of work, enterprises, health and more. Claude’s ambition is to help us better understand what is going on with the “digital economy”. @ClaudeSuper
The Geneva Pharma Network (GPN) is a non-profit association that provides networking and development opportunities for its membership of over 400 professionals from the pharma, biotech and related industries active in the Geneva region. Read more at www.genevapharmanetwork.org
EPFL is one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. With over 350 laboratories and research groups on campus, 9,800 students and doctoral students and 3,500 researchers, EPFL is one of Europe’s most innovative and productive scientific institutions. The School’s unique structure fosters trans-disciplinary research and promotes partnerships with other institutions. A particularly high priority for EPFL lies in promoting international partnerships, sponsorship arrangements and joint projects between academia and industry. It continuously combines fundamental research and engineering. The campus also includes the “EPFL Innovation Park”, where over 100 start-ups and research centres run by renowned companies enjoy a dynamic environment. @EPFL
Hong Kong Polytechnic University The School of Nursing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a diverse community of scholars and clinicians with a common goal: to pursue academic excellence of practical value in nursing and healthcare services. We are proud of our staff members, who are making significant contributions to the needs of our local community and dedicating their knowledge and expertise to facilitating the development of nursing scholarship nationally and internationally. @HongKongPolyU
HUG Geneva University Hospital The Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) were established in 1995 and has become the first university hospitals in Switzerland. It is a conglomerate of nine hospitals with more than 11’000 staff members. First-class research programs, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva, ensure their patients privileged access to the latest in technological developments and medical progress. @Hopitaux_unige
The Innovation Hub Business Incubator Established in 2001, The Innovation Hub (TIH) is a science and technology park whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community, by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions. For over 10 years, The Innovation Hub has supported the growth of innovative companies across sectors such as ICT, Biosciences, Green Technologies and Industrials. @InnovHub
The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) is an initiative of the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) started in 2011. IPA’s main goal is to build a strong African innovation ecosystem by mobilizing for and rewarding the best African innovators who develop African market oriented solutions. A total amount of USD 150’000.00 is given to three innovators every year, and beyond this monetary value, IPA invests in creating exposure of these innovators to ensure that they get the tools they need to take their innovations to the next level. IPA honours and encourages innovative achievements that contribute toward developing new products, increasing efficiency or saving cost in Africa. Specifically, the award targets technological breakthroughs in such main concern areas as manufacturing and service industry, health and well-being, agriculture and agribusiness, environment, energy and water and ICTs. Learn more at www.innovationprizeforafrica.org; @IPAprize
Swiss Career Connections (SCC SARL): New Direction? New in town? Need Connections? Unemployed? We are the region’s most experienced provider of Career Support Services designed with your career in mind.  Let us guide you to a more rewarding working life! Spouse Career Centre: A partner of choice for Dual Career mobility.  Be an employer of choice; attract and retain top dual career talent. Partner with Spouse Career Centre, the best choice for Dual Career Mobility! For ten years, SCC has developed a vast network in diverse industry sectors and has forged privileged relationships with executives in multinational corporations.
Swissnex is a network of knowledge hubs in Bangalore, Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore. Along with individual science and technology counselors around the world, it works on behalf of Switzerland to expand education, research, and innovation. It fosters dialogue and enables collaboration among opinion leaders, researchers and practitioners in education, science and innovation between countries hosting hubs and Switzerland. Swissnex hubs in Brazil, Boston, New York City and San Francisco support the WID-I4H initiative. @swissnexBrazil@swissnexBoston@SwissConnectNY@swissnexSF 
W21C University of Calgary The W21C is a not-for-profit research and innovation initiative based in the University of Calgary and the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services. W21C serves as a research and beta test-site for prototypical hospital design, novel approaches to health care delivery, human factors research, and innovative medical technologies. @W21C


16 Apr

Adjudication Process

The World Innovation Day, Innovation for Health Competition (WID-I4H) recognizes that hospital staff, at any level, who live at the front lines of patient care, are in a unique position to identify and pioneer improvements in the system.  This initiative provides the much needed encouragement, incentive and platform to bring ideas to life, inspire and instigate change on a local and global scale.

WID-I4H is a business pitch competition where competitors showcase their disruptive innovations with the potential to globally impact medical science and public health.

Twelve finalists were selected in 2013 for the WID-I4H Competition from approximately 150 abstracts submitted to local Innovation Days (IDs) in Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa and Switzerland.

Day 1 – August 28th
On August 28th, each team will have 8 minutes to pitch their innovation to an international jury. Once the pitch is finished, and for the next 7 minutes, judges will comment and questions from the audience will be taken if the schedule allows.  The grand jury is composed of scientists, industry professionals, experts in health and medical technology and venture capitalists.  Once all teams have presented,  the twelve teams will be randomly split into two groups of six. Next, two Q&A sessions of 30 minutes each will allow the grand jury to further explore each project.

Overall, each team will have roughly 20 minutes to explain, demonstrate, persuade and win over the grand jury and the global audience!

After each presentation, judges score the technology, product or service using the following criteria:

  • Are they disruptive?
  • What are their impact on medical and health science, patients, and public health at large?
  • Are they pioneering in their scope, being the first to change the rules of the game?
  • Are they capable to be emulated by others?
  • Are they fulfilling missions and objectives of healthcare and medical organizations?
  • Are they sustainable? Do they provide positive and long-term impacts?
  • How adaptable are they? Could they be applied to different settings and resource health systems?

Day 2 – August 29th
The remaining top six teams compete on August 29th.  Following the same format as the previous day, teams must make an investor pitch to the grand jury.  On both days, ties will be settled by the judges and votes from the public.

The WID-I4H international jury will award the top three competing teams with an Innovation for Health Award of Excellence.  Each award is comprised of a certificate, a cash prize and a trophy.

A Special Award of Excellence will be given to the competitor elected by the public (on site and via live streaming) through our online voting platform.