01 May

Submit your Poster

Why Submit?
The poster contest demonstrates WID’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and the growth of technology-based businesses, and is designed to generate investment interest for participating entrepreneurs.

Submit your poster now to share your success story, knowledge, and motivate WID-I4H attendees with your proposed innovations in healthcare and medical science aimed at improving public health.  We recommend that you do not disclose any information that could compromise your intellectual property rights.  The best contributions, chosen by the selection committee, will be entitled to show and present their poster at WID-I4H (programme).

Who Can Submit?
The list of WID-I4H 2014 competitors is closed. However, medical staff, research groups, start-ups and large corporations alike with innovations, products and solutions may submit a poster and vie for the opportunity to present their project to our global audience. The best contributions, aligned with the spirit of WID-I4H, will be invited to pitch their poster on stage. Ten finalists will be chosen to present a 90-second pitch and the top three will be named winners.

How to Submit ?
Submit your poster to this address: submit@world-innovation-day.com. The required size is A0, portrait, and file format is pdf.

How do I Pitch my Idea?
Finalists will have 90 seconds to pitch their idea! It is therefore very important to consider exactly what you will present beforehand. Focus on the core of the idea and the value proposition.

We recommend addressing the following:

  • Introduce yourself in a few words.
  • What is the name of your product or service?
  • What is the technology, product or service supposed to do?
  • Why should someone use or buy it?
  • Who is your customer and your market?

WID-I4H Poster Prize

Selection Process
The poster contest consists of two selection rounds. In the first round, an international jury evaluates applications anonymously to select ten finalists (by August 7, 2014) who will pitch on stage during the first day of the WID-I4H Competition (August 28, 2014). In the second and final round, each team will be given 90 seconds to pitch their poster to a panel of expert judges who will appraise the project. A two-minute open discussion between the jury and the entrepreneur follows each presentation. Once all the pitches are complete, the judges will select the winner of the WID-I4H Poster Prize in a brief deliberation.

Applicants not shortlisted to pitch their posters may be selected to display their poster at the venue during the competition. They will be able to share their ideas regarding relevant research, products or methods in the fields of medical and healthcare science with WID-I4H attendees (August 28-29, 2014).

Travel Allowance
Please note that WID-I4H does not sponsor, pay or reimburse any travel expenses.

Timeline and Format
The deadline to submit a poster for consideration is July 31, 2014.    All poster submissions will be reviewed by August 7, 2014 and may need to be revised in order to be accepted for pitch and/or display during the competition.  Applicants chosen (see deadlines below) to pitch and/or display their posters must register for the competition by August 15, 2014, otherwise they will be removed from the final program.  All members of a poster team who will attend must register. Please register here:  bit.ly/joinwid

Important Deadlines

  • July 31, 2014: Poster submission deadline
  • August 7, 2014: Poster selection notification
  • August 14, 2014: Reviewers provide feedback to authors
  • August 15, 2014: Deadline for applicants chosen to pitch and/or display to register to attend
  • August 28-29, 2014: Final pitch and presentation at WID-I4H
16 Apr

Adjudication Process

The World Innovation Day, Innovation for Health Competition (WID-I4H) recognizes that hospital staff, at any level, who live at the front lines of patient care, are in a unique position to identify and pioneer improvements in the system.  This initiative provides the much needed encouragement, incentive and platform to bring ideas to life, inspire and instigate change on a local and global scale.

WID-I4H is a business pitch competition where competitors showcase their disruptive innovations with the potential to globally impact medical science and public health.

Twelve finalists were selected in 2013 for the WID-I4H Competition from approximately 150 abstracts submitted to local Innovation Days (IDs) in Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa and Switzerland.

Day 1 – August 28th
On August 28th, each team will have 8 minutes to pitch their innovation to an international jury. Once the pitch is finished, and for the next 7 minutes, judges will comment and questions from the audience will be taken if the schedule allows.  The grand jury is composed of scientists, industry professionals, experts in health and medical technology and venture capitalists.  Once all teams have presented,  the twelve teams will be randomly split into two groups of six. Next, two Q&A sessions of 30 minutes each will allow the grand jury to further explore each project.

Overall, each team will have roughly 20 minutes to explain, demonstrate, persuade and win over the grand jury and the global audience!

After each presentation, judges score the technology, product or service using the following criteria:

  • Are they disruptive?
  • What are their impact on medical and health science, patients, and public health at large?
  • Are they pioneering in their scope, being the first to change the rules of the game?
  • Are they capable to be emulated by others?
  • Are they fulfilling missions and objectives of healthcare and medical organizations?
  • Are they sustainable? Do they provide positive and long-term impacts?
  • How adaptable are they? Could they be applied to different settings and resource health systems?

Day 2 – August 29th
The remaining top six teams compete on August 29th.  Following the same format as the previous day, teams must make an investor pitch to the grand jury.  On both days, ties will be settled by the judges and votes from the public.

The WID-I4H international jury will award the top three competing teams with an Innovation for Health Award of Excellence.  Each award is comprised of a certificate, a cash prize and a trophy.

A Special Award of Excellence will be given to the competitor elected by the public (on site and via live streaming) through our online voting platform.