16 Apr

Adjudication Process

The World Innovation Day, Innovation for Health Competition (WID-I4H) recognizes that hospital staff, at any level, who live at the front lines of patient care, are in a unique position to identify and pioneer improvements in the system.  This initiative provides the much needed encouragement, incentive and platform to bring ideas to life, inspire and instigate change on a local and global scale.

WID-I4H is a business pitch competition where competitors showcase their disruptive innovations with the potential to globally impact medical science and public health.

Twelve finalists were selected in 2013 for the WID-I4H Competition from approximately 150 abstracts submitted to local Innovation Days (IDs) in Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa and Switzerland.

Day 1 – August 28th
On August 28th, each team will have 8 minutes to pitch their innovation to an international jury. Once the pitch is finished, and for the next 7 minutes, judges will comment and questions from the audience will be taken if the schedule allows.  The grand jury is composed of scientists, industry professionals, experts in health and medical technology and venture capitalists.  Once all teams have presented,  the twelve teams will be randomly split into two groups of six. Next, two Q&A sessions of 30 minutes each will allow the grand jury to further explore each project.

Overall, each team will have roughly 20 minutes to explain, demonstrate, persuade and win over the grand jury and the global audience!

After each presentation, judges score the technology, product or service using the following criteria:

  • Are they disruptive?
  • What are their impact on medical and health science, patients, and public health at large?
  • Are they pioneering in their scope, being the first to change the rules of the game?
  • Are they capable to be emulated by others?
  • Are they fulfilling missions and objectives of healthcare and medical organizations?
  • Are they sustainable? Do they provide positive and long-term impacts?
  • How adaptable are they? Could they be applied to different settings and resource health systems?

Day 2 – August 29th
The remaining top six teams compete on August 29th.  Following the same format as the previous day, teams must make an investor pitch to the grand jury.  On both days, ties will be settled by the judges and votes from the public.

The WID-I4H international jury will award the top three competing teams with an Innovation for Health Award of Excellence.  Each award is comprised of a certificate, a cash prize and a trophy.

A Special Award of Excellence will be given to the competitor elected by the public (on site and via live streaming) through our online voting platform.