21 Apr

Sponsorship Levels

WID-I4H is at the vanguard of patient care, healthcare and medical science. No matter your station, location, industry or profession, we all have a stake in safeguarding and improving public healthcare and promoting the development of cutting edge medical technologiesWID-I4H is an international competition platform that compliments and reinforces several key global sustainability initiatives in order to improve access to affordable healthcare and improve patient care. These include:

Empowering Women: 

  • Most of the staff at patient care facilities and hospitals are women. They are on the front lines of patient care, so they see and often solve problems through innovations.
  • Building self-esteem: WID-I4H recognizes that hospital staff, at any level, who live at the front lines of patient care, are in a unique position to identify and pioneer improvements in the system.
  • WID-I4H encourages them to present their innovations that have a strong impact on patient care and healthcare.
  • Because these innovations are driven by necessity, we know they solve real problems. Therein lies the beauty.

Well Being:

  • WID-I4H is a platform for ideas and innovations that run North to South as well as South to North!
  • Even in developed countries, there is a significant portion of the population (the 4th world or poor people in developed countries) that cannot access affordable/quality healthcare. We bring “frugal” or “lean” innovations from global entrepreneurs, including in emerging/developed countries that may impact how hospitals and patient care facilities in more advanced nations approach health innovation.

Innovation 4 Health translates to improvements in labor, production, family security and education. Healthy parents perform better at work and can better fend/provide for their families. Healthy children can focus and thrive at school. Educated children become innovators and help to build wealth and preserve/grow the resources in their communities.

Bottom Line: Brand values reinforce product values; people buy into and respect what matches their personal values. WID-I4H’s focus on promoting innovations that improve patient care and that provide quality/affordable access to healthcare are values in which all individuals, corporate entities, NGOs and governments have a stake!

All our sponsors benefit from:

  • First look at investment opportunities in new ventures based on local observations transformed into globally marketable solutions to improve patient care;
  • Brand enhancement through and exposure to a global audience;
  • Access to professional know-how from local and international healthcare providers and other innovators in medical and science technology;
  • The opportunity to bolster an initiative with a cultural, scientific, technological and social impact on public health and patient care;
  • Logo placement on WID-I4H website, promotional and competition banners*;
  • At the corporate level or above, the right to host a stand at the competition;
  • Individual Friends of WID will be listed on our website and mentioned in our social media campaign**

Sponsorship levels (in Swiss Francs):

    • Individual Friends of WID: 1k+
    • Corporate Friends of WID: 3k+
    • Bronze: 10k+
      • Priority seating at WID-I4H
    • Silver: 30k+
      • Priority seating at WID-I4H
      • Logo placement during live streaming*
      • 15 minute slot  to present your company products and/ or projects to a select audience
    • Gold: 60k+
      • Priority seating at WID-I4H
      • Periodic Ad placement during live streaming*
      • 30 minutes to present your company products/projects to a select audience
      • 1 place on the competition jury
    • Premium: 100k+
      • All the benefits of Gold Sponsorship
      • More frequent ad placement during live streaming
      • Opportunity to address the audience at the competition

*Requires collaboration and guidance from Sponsor’s marketing team  **Subject  to approval of individual sponsor

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact WID’s promotional and development partner, media duMonde, at: sponsorWID@dumonde.co